How Far Apart to Plant Banana Peppers? (FULL GUIDE)

Growing healthy and productive banana pepper plants isn’t just about fertilizing and watering properly, or picking the right location to plant them.

You also need to know how far apart to plant banana peppers to reap maximum yields.

How far apart to plant banana peppers?

For the best results, banana pepper plants should be planted approximately 12 inches apart. Further, the rows should be a minimum of 18 to 24 inches apart (or more) as well. Empty space between your plants allows the light to cover each pepper equally, as well as increases airflow.

Read on below and learn everything there is to know about spacing your banana pepper plants!

Spacing Strategy for Different Ways to Grow Banana Peppers 

There are numerous strategies for spacing your banana pepper plants in a way that makes it easier to care for them and increases their overall health and yield size. 

That means once you know them, no matter what size or shape of gardening/growing space you have, you’ll be able to plant and space your peppers properly.

The main spacing strategies for different ways to grow banana peppers include:

  • In the ground in rows
  • In the ground in a grid
  • In raised beds in rows
  • In raised beds in grids
  • In pots or other containers
  • In a hydroponic system

Below, we break down the most common banana pepper spacing strategies, one by one, including in the ground, containers, raised beds, and hydroponics:

In the Ground

Planting banana peppers in the ground is one of the most common choices for planting and growing your own pepper plants.

Each plant requires around 12 to 14 inches of space, over all.

That means you’ll need to prepare a gardening space big enough for the number of plants you want to grow, and account for a minimum of 12 inches in between each banana pepper plant (or seeds) you stick into the ground.

At any rate, once you measure your space, and know how much room you have for planting (or how many containers/raised beds), there are two main successful strategies to consider for growing banana pepper plants in the ground; rows and/or grids: 


Growing banana pepper plants in a row consisting of planting your seeds or transplants in a line, with 12 inches between each plant. Rows should be spaced between 18 and 36 inches apart depending on the species.


Grid-style gardening usually consists of a large square that is approximately 3 feet wide and 3 feet long.

In these gardening grids, banana pepper plants require 12 inches between them. That means you can fit 9 healthy and thriving plants in a single grid.

In Raised Garden Beds

Growing banana peppers in raised garden beds are basically the same thing as growing them in either rows or grids, just elevated from the ground level by several inches and protected by some sort of border.

Banana peppers in raised garden beds also require 12 inches between each plant and at least 12 to 18 between rows or grid sections.

In Containers

Banana peppers in containers should be placed around 12 inches from each other. If you have several, you can grid the pots 12 inches from each other in all directions.

In Hydroponics

Hydroponic banana pepper plants are spaced approximately 14 to 24 inches from each other, depending on the system. 

Keep in mind that most hydroponic systems come with built-in grow sites, so as long as you buy one that is built for peppers, you’ll be just fine to plant without measuring!

How Far Apart to Plant Banana Peppers?

Banana pepper in the ground

Banana peppers do best with at least 12 inches or more of space between each plant. Further, plants thrive when their rows are more than 18 inches apart from each other.

That said, whether you even have rows or not is a big decision to make before you get started with growing your banana pepper plants.

If you grow rows, you’re working directly in the soil. When you walk down a row, it is like walking down a trail, with pepper plants on each side of you. 

These rows need to be approximately a foot and a half or wider to allow adequate enough airflow and light coverage to maximize yields.

If you decide to skip the rows and go for a grid-style layout, you’ll be able to squeeze plants a little closer, but they will require at least one foot of space from stalk to stalk.

When they are growing in containers or pots, they can be spaced a bit closer from time to time, for your convenience. 

However, when they are blooming and producing peppers, 12 inches of space around them is necessary for adequate light coverage.

The takeaway: no matter what medium you use, or where you grow them, your banana pepper plants need to be at least 12 inches away from the nearest plants.

Hot Banana vs Sweet Banana Peppers Spacing: Are There Any Differences?

There is no real difference between how much space is required between hot banana peppers and sweet banana peppers.

The main exception to the spacing rule is with hybrid species that grow to much larger or smaller sizes. In these cases, you should adjust your spacing accordingly.

The main thing to remember is that banana peppers of any species or hybrid type require a minimum of 12 inches of space between each plant.

Species that produce larger plants may do better with minimum spaces of 18 to 24 inches between each plant.

Why Does Spacing Between Banana Pepper Plants Matter?

The spacing between banana pepper plants is crucial because it determines how much light the peppers receive, and how much airflow is allowed around the bottoms of the plants.

Proper spacing between your pepper plants is also important in regards to maintaining your pepper plants.

For example, if your plants are spaced too closely together, it is harder to water them without getting them wet. 

Plants with more space in between them also have the chance to develop larger roots, stems, and branches (which means more peppers).

Likewise, closely spaced plants are more likely to attract pests, cause overheating, and other problems.

Even more, properly spaced plants, and rows, make it easier to harvest your crop. 


Banana peppers do best when they are planted at least 12 inches away from each other, in rows spaced 18 to 24 inches apart (or more), period.

Grids, rows, and even hydroponic systems all produce the healthiest and happiest banana peppers when they have at least 12 inches of space between each other.

Keep in mind that even if you plant in pots or raised beds, your banana pepper plants still need to be placed 12 inches or more apart (from the centers of their pots/center stalks).

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