What is 15-0-15 Fertilizer Good For? – When and How to Apply It?  

15-0-15 Fertilizer

Trying to decide on the best fertilizer for your plants can be confusing. This guide tells you all about 15-0-15 fertilizer.  What Is 15-0-15 Fertilizer?   15-0-15 fertilizer is fifteen percent nitrogen and fifteen percent potassium. It does not contain phosphorus. The numbers on the front of the fertilizer bag are explained in more detail in … Read more

Tomato Plant Spacing – How Far Apart to Plant Tomatoes?

how far apart to plant tomatoes?

Tomatoes are a very popular vegetable to grow. Home-grown tomatoes taste much better than store-bought tomatoes. If you are going to grow tomatoes, you need to start off right by spacing the plants properly.  Why Is Spacing Important?  If you space your tomatoes properly, it will give each tomato plant the resources to grow large … Read more

Best Apple Tree Fertilizers – Top 5 Best Fertilizers for Apple Trees

best apple tree fertilizer

Apples need to be fertilized several times during the year. Depending on your soil, you may need to add micronutrients, too. This guide will tell you how to fertilize your apple trees and the best fertilizers to use.  Best Apple Fertilizer  Here are my picks for the best apple fertilizer.  Why Fertilize Apples? Apples are … Read more

What is 10-20-10 Fertilizer Good For? – When and How to Apply It?

10-20-10 fertilizer

The wrong fertilizer can cause as many problems as not fertilizing at all. With thousands of fertilizers available, choosing the right one fosyour plants can be confusing. This guide will explain when and how to use 10-20-10.  What Is 10-20-10 Fertilizer?   10-20-10 fertilizer has ten percent nitrogen, twenty percent phosphorous, and ten percent potassium. The … Read more

Best Pumpkin and Squash Fertilizer – 9 Best Fertilizers for Pumpkins and Squash

best pumpkin fertilizer

Pumpkins mean fall in North America. I plant my pumpkin vines in the summer, so the pumpkins are ready for Halloween. Like many vegetables, pumpkins are considered heavy feeders. I can tell you from experience that without enough fertilizer, your pumpkin vines won’t produce nice pumpkins. You may wonder, “What is the best pumpkin fertilizer?”  … Read more

What is 5-10-10 Fertilizer Used For?- When and How to Use It?

5-10-10 fertilizer ultimate guide

Picking a fertilizer for your plants can be confusing. Different fertilizers work best in different situations. This guide will tell you when a 5-10-10 fertilizer is appropriate. What Is 5-10-10 Fertilizer?   5-10-10 fertilizer has five percent nitrogen, ten percent phosphorous, and ten percent potassium. The numbers on the front of the fertilizer bag are explained … Read more

What is 20-20-20 Fertilizer Used For? – When and How to Use It?

20-20-20 fertilizer

Choosing a fertilizer doesn’t have to be difficult. This guide will explain everything you need to know about 20-20-20 fertilizer so you can decide if it is the right fertilizer for your plants. What Is 20-20-20 Fertilizer?   Triple 20 fertilizer has twenty percent nitrogen, twenty percent phosphorous, and twenty percent potassium. The numbers on the … Read more

Best Tomato Fertilizer – The 7 Best Fertilizers for Tomatoes

best tomato fertilizer

Tomatoes are grown by more home growers than any other fruit or vegetable. I think homegrown tomatoes have a much better flavor than store-bought tomatoes. With so many people growing tomatoes, there are hundreds if not thousands of tomato fertilizers. You may be wondering, “What is the best tomato fertilizer?” Picking a tomato fertilizer doesn’t … Read more

Fertilizer Numbers: What Are They and How Do I Use Them to Grow Better Plants?

Fertilizer Numbers

Most plants I grow need fertilizer. However, there are thousands of different fertilizers available, and finding the right one for my plants can be confusing. Reading the labels, I wondered, “What do these numbers on the fertilizer label mean?” Buying fertilizer is confusing enough when you are trying to find something to make your plants … Read more

Can Mandevilla Grow In Pots? 

Can Mandevilla Grow in Pots?

Wild Mandevilla is a genus of gorgeous vines with dark green heart-shaped leaves and large showy flowers. Newer varieties grow as small, mounded plants. Variegated varieties are also available. Mandevilla is very popular but only grows outside in USDA zones 10-11. You may be wondering, “Can Mandevilla grow in pots?”  Living in a cold region … Read more

How and When to Harvest Elephant Garlic?

When Do I Harvest Elephant Garlic?

Elephant garlic (Allium ampeloprasum) is more closely related to leeks than garlic. Elephant garlic produces huge bulbs and is very tasty. But, you may wonder, “When do I harvest elephant garlic?”  Elephant garlic is more like hard-necked garlic than soft-necked garlic. This is because the stalks are cut off after curing instead of being used to … Read more

Can You Plant Mandevilla in the Ground? (Everything You Need to Know) 

Can You Plant Mandevilla in the Ground?

Wild Mandevilla (Mandevilla spp.) is a fast-growing tropical vine with large, showy flowers. Newer hybrids of Mandevilla are low, mounding plants. Mandevilla is often grown as a hanging basket or up a trellis indoors. Outdoors, the flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies. However, you may wonder, “Can you plant Mandevilla in the ground?”  You may have … Read more

Are Hydroponic Strawberries Organic? (FULLY EXPLAINED)

Are Hydroponic Strawberries Organic?

Hydroponic strawberries are some of the biggest, most colorful, and tastiest strawberries you can get your hands on. But, is hydroponic produce organic? Are hydroponic strawberries organic? Strawberries grown in hydroponic systems are just as capable of being organic as strawberries grown in the ground/soil. The biggest factor that helps determine whether or not strawberries … Read more

Why Are My Mandevilla Leaves Turning Yellow?

why are my mandevilla leaves turning yellow?

Mandevilla is a beautiful vining flower of a tropical/subtropical genus, but something their leaves turn yellow. Why are my Mandevilla leaves turning yellow? Your Mandevilla leaves may be turning yellow for a number of natural reasons. Some of the main reasons include watering problems, light issues, not enough airflow, being planted in the wrong location, … Read more

Do Hummingbirds Like Morning Glories? (Full Answer)

Do Hummingbirds Like Morning Glories?

Morning glories have beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers and heart-like leaves, giving them a gorgeous appearance that is just as noticeable to other species as it is to humans. Do hummingbirds like morning glories? Humans are not the only species that adore the sweet-smelling pink, purple, blue, white, and magenta-colored blooms of morning glories; hummingbirds are highly … Read more