Why Are My Mandevilla Leaves Turning Yellow?

why are my mandevilla leaves turning yellow?

Mandevilla is a beautiful vining flower of a tropical/subtropical genus, but something their leaves turn yellow. Why are my Mandevilla leaves turning yellow? Your Mandevilla leaves may be turning yellow for a number of natural reasons. Some of the main reasons include watering problems, light issues, not enough airflow, being planted in the wrong location, … Read more

Why Does My Philodendron Have Brown, Yellow, Black, White… Spots? (Causes, Prevention, & Treatment) 

why does my philodendron have spots?

Philodendrons are popular plants whether grown indoors or outside, depending on your climate. Unfortunately, as with any plant, philodendrons have some disease problems. You may wonder, “Why Does My Philodendron Have Brown, Yellow, Black, White… Spots?”  It is always distressing when a plant you love gets spots or other signs of diseases. This care guide … Read more