Does Basil Like To Be Root-Bound? (Causes, Solutions & How To Prevent)

does basil like to be root bound?

Basil (Ocimum Basilicum), or sweet basil, is adored for the value it brings to the garden, dinner table, and medicine cabinet.  Basil doesn’t like to be root-bound; in fact, no plant grows well under such conditions. Root-bound (pot-bound) plants have roots that grow into a dense, tangled mess, limiting space for further growth and airflow … Read more

How Fast Does Basil Grow? (Growing Tips & Info)

how fast does basil grow?

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is a popular herb native to southern Asia and the South Pacific Islands. These tender annuals are members of the mint family and produce aromatic leaves commonly used in Mediterranean and Italian foods. Basil seeds can be started in pots indoors for a headstart on the growing season. Your basil plants should … Read more

How to Keep Basil Alive Indoors? (Reasons It’s Dying & 8 Ways To Keep It Alive)

how to keep basil alive indoors?

Keeping basil alive indoors is easy! As with any indoor container plant, your basil will need sunlight, water, and nutrient-rich soil. Today I’ll share some in-depth information on growing this aromatic herb inside your home or office. Is Basil a Good Indoor Plant? Basil is an excellent indoor plant! The plants don’t take up much … Read more

Does Basil Need Fertilizer? (Everything You Need To Know)

Does basil need fertilizer?

Basil is a popular herb to grow.  This herb adds flavor to many dishes.  Growing basil is easy.  However, you may be wondering, “Does basil need fertilizer?”  Fertilizers have gotten more expensive and may seem like an unnecessary expense.  This guide will discuss whether you need to fertilize your basil or can grow it without … Read more